Seasonal 2014-15 vaccine has begun shipping from manufacturers and CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older get vaccinated.  Order your flu vaccine for the upcoming season as vaccine is available. Contact us for your next clinic


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Optimal Preventive Wellness Solutions at Your Doorstep!

Today more employers are adopting corporate wellness programs to assess employee healthiness, promote wellness and ultimately reduce the cost of medical insurance. Pyrimed empower employee base organizations with onsite wellness programs such as, vaccinations, health screenings, and management health initiatives to motivate population toward optimal health awareness. Our state of the art, client-oriented, high tech solutions attracts top clients in a variety of industries ranging from fortune 500 companies, retail chains, schools and numerous community and municipal organizations nationwide



Pyrimed aspire to assist clients in maintaining a healthy workforce and culture of health and wellness emphasizing the employee work-life balance. Whether you're a employer concerned about the wellness of your employees and the connection to your profit margin, or a health benefits professional delivering corporate wellness services, Pyrimed has the solution for you. The Pyrimed program distinguishes itself from "structured programs" by delivering flexible solution to serve low site minimums, stringent budget objectives. The Pyrimed experience provides our clients personalized and professional service at every level of our organization, we pride ourselves in our hands-on approach; we offer the same customized, courteous service to all our clients.

Our talented associates are well trained and informed with up-to date medical and statistical knowledge in this industry. We carry this success to our on-site clinics through close collaboration with single staffing partners who share a common vision and complementary strengths. Our licensed nursing staff is professional, punctual, friendly, and focused on providing brilliant customer service.

The Pyrimed value provides industry proven safe and affordable services to clients who consciously want to keep America working. Pyrimed executes turn-key clinic programs including the set-up, operation, management and clean-up of waste; including follow-up customer service. We monitor our clinic program through all phases to ensure success.

Pyrimed understand the high complexity  of our customer typical work day, thus rest assure we assume full responsibility to coordinate clients clinics. We will ship all nurse supplies from emergency kit, consent forms, and of-course the vaccines. Our dependable role give customer the peace of mind they deserve.       

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